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Why Are Dirty Chai Tea Lattes So Delicious?

My signature coffee drink has slowly become dirty chai tea lattes. Why? The drink is fun to order and the taste is unmatched. I encourage everyone to pick up David Rio Chai from World Market or Amazon and join my chai tribe (chraibe?).

This drink is textured, creamy, hot, unique, and deeply flavored.

*Wait...why am I sweating*?

Order with whole milk or oat milk for an accurate creamy taste. I know you all have your different relationships with dairy so I'm not trying to sway your decision. However, I do not encourage you to drink it with almond milk because the milk (at any temperature) leaves a terribly tangy after taste for whatever reason. AVOID IT!

I order this drink on Fall and Winter mornings when I'm feeling optimistic. The creaminess and the smell make me feel creative. This isn't the type of drink that I guzzle down before I work on an important project deadline.The vibe takes me away to an isolated cabin sunrise where I'm wearing a white turtleneck and knit leggings and watching my children run in the yard...and then when I snap back to reality I'm just blown away at the fact that I made such a bomb drink.

Here is a collage that I made to honor my drink.

With that being said, what can I get started for you?

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