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Black Cultural History Highlight #JanetJackson

BREAKING: Local Texas woman tries to recreate The Velvet Rope Tour in her bedroom to no avail.

I can't stop thinking about the sensual, playful color schemes used during this tour. Mark Fisher, the set designer, took his time with this iconic tour. It took place in 1997 but has been cemented as mid '90s bliss. The video quality is nostalgic. Janet's vocal arrangements sound extremely pure and soft per usual. I had to cement this as an illustrated poster.

Did you know that Janet's goal with The Velvet Rope Tour was to share an autobiographical album highlighting her struggles with self esteem? This is why her performance feels so vulnerable. This song is so naked. I've always admired her for it.

Another part of this historical tour was when Jackson performed her Rope Burn and strapped a spectator onto a chair for a lap dance. Her power.

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