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Brooklyn Noreaster

A couple of snow days in the house turned us into chefs **duh.

It was so much fun to choose an array of ingredients from the grocery store that we used to create wildly different meals throughout the weekend. Basil, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, lemon, potatoes.

On Friday, John made the most delicious mussels pasta. There were fresh grape tomatoes simmering with fresh garlic, sunflower oil, and lemon. The enticing smell of the medley found my nose all the way in the living room. I stopped watching Ozark so that I could snap a few pictures of the process. I'm so happy with the turnout. I'm also so happy with the finale of Ozark. It shocked me. My overall takeaway of this season of Ozark is that the cinematography deserves lots of awards. I can talk about this later so that we can focus on mussels. We ate so much pasta and drank delicious red wine with no thoughts of the snow outside.

On Saturday morning, I made a delicious brunch while John painted. I was happy to make another golden and crispy frittata with a side of home fries. This dish is not new to this blog but we used a few new ingredients: chorizo and asiago cheese.

The meal was honestly perfect and I'm not just saying that because I made it.

Later on Saturday, we went for a beautiful scenic walk that I agreed to against my better judgement (why is New York so cold?). After about 10 minutes of being outside, the shock wore off and I was just outside enjoying how different the neighborhood looks with a blanket of snow. Gorgeous.

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