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Culture Highlight #FreddieGibbs

"I can't hold no grudges, my hands is too busy catching blessings"

- Freddie Gibbs

There is a specific flavor to this Tiny Desk Concert that I have to dissect with y'all quickly. I want to show real love to Freddie Gibbs for his classic rap references. Gibbs' voice with this band sounds the way that woodgrain on tan leather interior feels. Freddie Gibbs has a special way of highlighting important cultural history in his lyrics. He spreads luxury rap lyrics like warm butter atop modern gangster bread. He then puts that fantastic toast on a designer instrumental plate to serve it to you. I just want to say thanks for the consideration and for letting me stay for breakfast.

Mad Lib and the entire band add such depth to an already charming performance. This work is what makes chef kiss their fingers.

Like most Tiny Desk performances, the set design meshes very well with the style of the artist. The relaxing vibe of this color scheme rests easy on my eyes. Eventually, I'll paint a still shot. Freddie's suit flaunts a muted jewel tone against his bare chest *help* and then the custom chain reminds you that it's a performance.

I started painting Freddie Gibbs about 6 months ago, but I never finished because I got side tracked. I went forward with a watercolor medium because it also feels muted and melodic. There's something very peaceful about this man's facial features that almost softens his lyrics for me.

For the record, this original 5" x 7" watercolor painting is for sale. Click here if interested.

"damn that shit was hard, I love yall"

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